• 2121/Large


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Hexagon collection wall sconce metal Brass with Strip Led. For driver position please see drawing. | Hexagon collection applique da muro metallo ott..

    L 364 cm H 124 cm Sp 10 cm

  • 2178/A1


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    ORGANIC:  Wall lamp ring chandelier with decorations in pyrex glass | ORGANIC:  Applique in metallo con decorazioni in vetro pyrex

    L 60 x H 30 cm Sp 27 cm

  • 1793/FL/ECO


    Floor Lamps | Contemporary

    Floor lamp in Murano glass with lampshade | Piantana 1 luce con vetro murano e paralume

    D. 55 x H185 cm

  • 2124D90


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Hexagon collection brass chandelier | Hexagon collection lampadario 

    H tot. 100 (with steel cable) cm H 5cm D 90 cm. Plate ceiling D 30cm H 5 cm

  • 2177/CH8 Oval

    2177/CH8 Oval

    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Chandelier with hand-cut italian crystal spheres rectangulare  | Lampadario con sfere di cristallo molate a mano rettangolare 

    L 131 x 40 cm x H 70 cm

  • IPM107A1


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Wall Lamp 1 light | Applique 1 luce metal Art deco' 

    D 33 H 60 Sp 37 cm

  • IPM107FL


    Floor Lamps | Contemporary

    Floor Lamp 1 light | Piantana 1 luce metal Art deco' 

    D 40 H 175 cm

  • 2162/A


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Wall lamp, "Eye" collection, Ring in matt black metal with gold leaf lens and diffuser in Italian lead crystal entirely hand-milled. | Applique, Col..

    ø 40 cm Sp 14 cm

  • IPM113A1


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Rectangular Wall Lamp Led  | Applique rettangolare a Led 

    L 80 H 40 Sp 30 cm