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  • BA781


    Bath accessories | Bath Design

    Rose set Profume Bottle in Italian hand-cut crystal of Pb24%  with an engraving of  matt rose.The base is made with classic brass decorations,  go..

    H 15 cm Ø 8 cm 1kg

  • BA174


    Bath accessories | Bath Design

    SET QUARZO Perfume bottle  in alessandrite italian hand-cutted crystal | SET QUARZO Portaprofumo in cristallo italiano alessandrite molato a mano

    H 13 cm ø 8 cm

  • BA218


    Bath accessories | Bath Design

    SET CAMEO Perfume bottlein clear Italian crystal with hand-carved lady portrait cameo and chrome brass element base | SET CAMEO Porta profumo in cri..

    H 15 cm ø 8 cm 1kg