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  • BA101


    Bath accessories | Bath Design

    TOPAZIOToilet paper holder in brass (finishing OV) with sphere in transparent and gold Murano glass | TOPAZIO Porta rotolo in ottone oro vecchio con..

    H 6 cm L 24 cm Sp 12 cm

  • BA110


    Bath accessories | Bath Design

    DIAMANTE  Towel holder in polished gold dimanted brass and Swarovski crystal element. | DIAMANTE Porta rotolo in ottone diamantato lucido e cristall..

    H 7 cm L 20 cm Sp 10 cm

  • BA284


    Bath accessories | Bath Design

    FIORE Toilet paper holder in brass (finishing OV) with FLOWER in transparent and white Murano glass | FIORE  Porta carta igenica in ottone e fiori i..

    H 10 cm L 24 cm Sp 14 cm

  • BA372


    Bath accessories | Bath Design

    GEMMA Paper holder in brass with oliva in transparent Murano glass | GEMMA Portarotolo in ottone con elementi in vetro di Murano “oliva” trasparente..

    H 8 cm L 24 cm Sp 10 cm

  • BA226/ORO24K


    Bath accessories | Bath Design

    SET PIETRE DI LUNA Toilet paper holder brass finished in gold-24k and transparent-gold Murano's sphere | SET PIETRE DI LUNA  Porta carta igenica in ..

    H 6 cm L 24 cm Sp 12 cm

  • BA197


    Bath accessories | Bath Design

    GIADA -Paper  holder crome with swan casting brass | GIADA Porta rotolo in fusione di ottone con  cigno in ottone cromato - Finitura: KR

    H 19 cm L 22 cm Sp 19 cm

  • BA308


    Bath accessories | Bath Design

    EASY- Paper holder in crome brass | EASY Portarotolo in ottone con finitura cromo - Finitura: KR

    H 6 cm L 18 cm Sp 8 cm

  • BA134


    Bath accessories | Bath Design

    ACQUA MARINA Paper holderwith casting  brass  elements, finishing in old-gold | ACQUA MARINA Porta rotolo in ottone oro vecchio - Finitura: OV

    H 9 cm L 23 cm Sp 13 cm

  • BA141


    Bath accessories | Bath Design

    SMERALDOPaper holderwith casting  brass  leavesfinishing in old-gold | SMERALDO Porta rotolo in ottone oro vecchio decorato con foglia - Finitura: ..

    H 6 cm L 22 cm Sp 15 cm