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  • 2173/CH18+18 Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    MARBLE:  Chandelier with grey veined Carrara marble and borosilicate glass | MARBLE:  Lampadario con elementi in marmo di Carrara e cilindri in vetr..

    ø 124 cm H 100 cm - KG 70

  • 2169/CH9 borosilicato Chandeliers Contemporary

    2169/CH9 borosilicato

    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    SPIDER:   Chandelier in black nickel with lampshade in borosilicate glass | SPIDER:   Lampadario in nikel nero con paralumi in vetro borosilicato tr..

    ø 112 cm H 70 cm Pø 12 cm- KG 20

  • 2124/NL Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Hexagon collection brass chandelier in Nikel finishing and led strips | Hexagon collection lampadario in ottone finitura Nikel a Led

    H tot. 100 cm H 4cm D 116 cm

  • 2054RETT Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Chandelier with transparent trihedron glasses | Lampadario rettangolare con triedri trasparenti

    L 120 x 43 cm H 45cm + 55cm steel cable Kg 50

  • 2103/G/NN Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Rings chandelier with lozenges and led lights with Swarovsky™ elements | Lampadario a cerchio con losanghe Swarovski® Elements, illuminazione LED

    D 100 cm H 8 cm + 100 cm steel cable Kg 18

  • 1946/CH8/LU Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Chandelier 8 lights in brass with italian hand-cut Crystal lampshades  | Lampadario 8 luci in ottone con cristalli italiani molati a mano

    H 68 cm D 84 cm - 20 kg

  • 1931/CH12 Chandeliers Classic


    Chandeliers | Classic

    Chandelier 12 lights in honey Murano glass+mirror effect | Lampadario a 12 luci in vetro di Murano miele con elementi a effetto specchiato

    H 95cm D 117CM + 50 cm chain + metal cup - 25 KG

  • 1972/LU Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    chandelier 3 metal rings with Murano glass trihedrons pendants transparent and sandblasted | Lampadario a cerchi illuminati a Led con triedri traspa..

    H 260 cm D 120cm +Ceiling plate H 20 cm D 30 cm with 3 spot Led ( 5W 450 LUMEN) - 180 KG

  • L1909.036 Chandeliers Classic


    Chandeliers | Classic

    Mariateresa chandelier with Gold plated metal frame covered by transparent glass arms. The decorative elements and pendants are coloured in amber | ..

    Ø 160 x H 160 cm; KG 90