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  • 2038A2


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Wall sconce with italian crystal hand-cutted | Appliquecon cristalli italiani molati a mano

    D.43 cm x H 22 cm Sp 22 cm Kg 4

  • 2071CH8


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Chandelier  with horns arm, cristals and pirex candles | Lampadario  in metallo con elemnti in cristallo e Pirex glass

    D 66 cm H 55 cm H tot 105 cm Kg 15

  • 2071A2


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Wall lamp  with horns arm, cristals and pirex candles | Applique  in metallo con elemnti in cristallo e Pirex glass

    L 30 cm H 40 cm Sp 24cm Kg 6

  • 2056A1


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Wall sconce  with brass tube and Murano Glass  "a ballotton" ball | Applique in ottone con sfere "a ballotton" di Vetro di Murano trasparenti

    L 25 cm H 58 cm Sp 16 cm metal base 13x13 cm Kg 5

  • 2115A1


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Wall lamp  with Italian Crystal | Applique ottone e cristallo trasparente

    L 18 cm Sp 25cm H 90 cm Kg 20

  • 2037A2


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Wall lamp  with Murano Glass White/gold | Applique Vetro Murano bianco /oro

    D.35 cm x H 32 cm Prof 15 cm Kg 4

  • 2079/A2


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Modern Wall sconce  in trasparent Murano Glass | Applique  moderno braccio vetro Murano trasparente

    L 45 cm H 30 cm p. 32 cm

  • 2049/A2


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Applique with honey Murano Elements horns | Applique in Vetro di Murano colore Miele

    L 18 cm x H 60 cm Sp12cm Kg 6

  • 2008/A2/NL


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary


    H 32 cm Ø 40 cm prof. 20 cm