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  • 2129/A/SG


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Wall sconce  in contemporary art deco' style made in brass metal in soft gold finishing. With italian hand-cutted Crystal cups on p b24%.(metal cup ..

    Ø 40 cm - H 30 cm - Sp 23 cm

  • 2128/A


    Wall Lamps | Bath Design

    Rectangular  collection wall sconce metal brass finishes polished and brunito with Ivory fabbric | Rectangular  collection applique in metallo otto..

    H 59 cm - L 22 cm

  • 2055/A/NN


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Wall sconce  with transparent "triedri" glass | Applique a vela  con triedri trasparenti

    L 20 - H 54 cm - Sp 6 cm

  • 2122


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Hexagon collection wall sconce metal Brass with Strip Led. Changing wall attachment system to include the transformer, see technical drawing. | Hexa..

    L 30 cm cm H 43 cm Sp. 10 cm