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  • 2158/FL Floor Lamps Contemporary


    Floor Lamps | Contemporary

    LEAF  --- Floor lamp  with stlilized leaves in brushed soft gold outside and polished finish inside,on matt black metal structure and element in Car..

    L 22 cm H 180 cm

  • 2150/FL Floor Lamps Classic


    Floor Lamps | Classic

    Floor Lamp 5 lights in cast brass with a castle of trasparent and sandblasted Murano glass elements | Piantana 5 luci in fusione di ottone e vetro M..

    D 65 cm H 180 cm

  • 1759/FL/New Bis Floor Lamps Classic

    1759/FL/New Bis

    Floor Lamps | Classic

    Floor Lamp in cast brass; ivory lampshades; crystals Swarovski Elements on Murano glass beads | Piantana in fusione d’ottone  paralumi  avorio; cris..

    H 190cm ø 58cm Pø 16cm

  • 124BIS Floor Lamps Classic


    Floor Lamps | Classic

    Piantana bridge con paralume

    H MIN 160 H MAX 200 P Ø 47

  • 2061 Floor Lamps Classic


    Floor Lamps | Classic

    Floor lamp  in casting brass and crystal Asfour with lampshade | Piantana    in fusione d'ottone e cristalloAsfour completo di paralume

    Pd 50 cm H 164 cm

  • 2056FL Floor Lamps Contemporary


    Floor Lamps | Contemporary

    Floor lamp  with rectangular brass tube and Murano Glass "a ballotton"  balls | Piantana in ottone con sfere di Vetro di Murano trasparenti "a ballo..

    Base : L 35 cm 25 cm - L max 60 cm H 178 cm

  • 2115FL Floor Lamps Contemporary


    Floor Lamps | Contemporary

    Floor lamp  with Italian Crystal | Piantana ottone e cristallo trasparente

    L 46 cm H 192 cm

  • 2049/FL/SG Floor Lamps Contemporary


    Floor Lamps | Contemporary

    Floor lamp with honey Murano Elements horns | Piantana con Corna Vetro Murano colore Miele

    D 60 cm H 170cm

  • 1935/FL Floor Lamps Contemporary


    Floor Lamps | Contemporary

    Floor lamp in brass and Murano glass with mirror effect

    H 187 cm Pd 58cm