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  • 2169/A2Flex Wall Lamps Contemporary


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    SPIDER:   Applique in NN, with articulated arm with led for reading. Double switch. | SPIDER:   Applique in nikel nero con paralumi tessuto

    L 18 x 9cm H 39 cm Sp 30cm Pd 12cm

  • 2173/RETT/CH11+11 Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Rectangular chandelier with grey veined Carrara marble and borosilicate glass , with double switch 11+11 bulbs. Structure in brushed soft gold finis..

    L 175 x5 cm H 90 cm - KG 15

  • 2231/A Wall Lamps Contemporary


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Brushed soft gold metal wall-branch with LED lighting and white metahacrylate diffuser. | Ramo illuminante a parete  finito in oro pallido spazzolat..

    L 48 H 65 Sp 13 cm; Kg 6

  • 2231 Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Brushed soft gold metal branch with LED lighting and  white metahacrylate diffuser. | Ramo illuminante finito in oro pallido spazzolato e diffusore ..

    L 142 x 60 x 5 cm + 100 cm steel cable; Kg 12

  • 2223 Floor Lamps Classic


    Floor Lamps | Classic

    Spectacular and giant floor lamp suitable for entrance or center room covered with perforated metal bowl with 24k gold bath and blown Murano glass w..

    D. 136 x H 165 cm

  • 1971A Wall Lamps Contemporary


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Wall lamp with lighting Led circles with Murano transparent and sandblasted trihedron glasses | Applique a cerchi illuminati a Led con triedri trasp..

    H 50 cm Ø 33 cm Sp 17cm- 10 KG

  • 2171/CH6/AR Chandeliers Classic


    Chandeliers | Classic

    Elegant chandelier with a harmonic line, Silver metal paint  with decorative leaves in transparent glass | Lampadario elegante dalla linea armonica,..

    D 90 cm H 70 cm; Kg 10

  • 2230 Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Composizione di 4 anelli rivestiti in eco-pelle con luce led all'interno, diffusore bianco- D 3500 mm Strip Led 14,4 W/m 4000°K (22 mtl) + Aliment..

    Kg 115 - Vedere foto in allegato // see photos attached

  • 2227/CH12 Chandeliers Classic


    Chandeliers | Classic

    Murano glass chandelier in antique crystal color without chain fixed directly to the ceiling | Lampadario in vetro di Murano colore cristallo antico..

    D 140 x H 60 cm Kg 25