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  • 2215 Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    3 metal rings chandelier Murano glass Trihedrons | Lampadario a cerchi  con triedri trasparenti  di Murano

    D. 120 x H 270 cm - Kg 280

  • 2211/A1 Wall Lamps Contemporary


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Wall sconce in brass and white Carrara marble | Applique in ottone e marmo di Carrara bianco

    L. 15 x H 31 P. 10 cm; 5 kg

  • 2211/CH12 Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Round chandelier in brass and white Carrara marble | Lampadario tondo in ottone e marmo di Carrara bianco

    D 118 cm x H 30 + 70 cm steel calte - Total H 100 cm; 25 kg

  • 2121/Large Wall Lamps Contemporary


    Wall Lamps | Contemporary

    Hexagon collection wall sconce metal Brass with Strip Led. For driver position please see drawing. | Hexagon collection applique da muro metallo ott..

    L 364 cm H 124 cm Sp 10 cm

  • 2124D90 Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Hexagon collection brass chandelier | Hexagon collection lampadario in ottone

    H tot. 100 (with steel cable) cm H 5cm D 90 cm. Plate ceiling D 30cm H 5 cm

  • 2178/CH8 Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    ORGANIC:  Metal ring chandelier with decorations in borosilicate glass | ORGANIC:  Anello in metallo con decorazioni in vetro borosilicato

    ø max 138 cm cm H 25 cm+ 100cm Steel cable - KG 15

  • 2173/CH18+18 Chandeliers Contemporary


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    MARBLE:  Chandelier with grey veined Carrara marble and borosilicate glass | MARBLE:  Lampadario con elementi in marmo di Carrara e cilindri in vetr..

    ø 124 cm H 100 cm - KG 70

  • 2169/CH9 borosilicato Chandeliers Contemporary

    2169/CH9 borosilicato

    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    SPIDER:   Chandelier in black nickel with lampshade in borosilicate glass | SPIDER:   Lampadario in nikel nero con paralumi in vetro borosilicato tr..

    ø 112 cm H 70 cm Pø 12 cm- KG 20

  • 2168/G Ceiling and Recessed Contemporary


    Ceiling and Recessed | Contemporary

    MOON:  Ceiling lamp with italian crystal disk "rombus" 3D cut | MOON:  Plafoniera con dischi in cristallo italiano con taglio "rombus" 3D

    ø 50 cm H 9 cm - KG 10