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  • 1821/CH30


    Chandeliers | Classic

    Murano glass chandelier in Rezzonico style with gold leaf decoratin and red. Available on request size. | Lampadario in Vetro di Murano in style Ca’..

    H 140 cm ø 160 cm Kg 80

  • 2081/NL


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Ceiling lamp with trasparent  Murano glass | Lampadario    con poliedri in vetro trasparente  di Murano

    D 126 cm H 40 cm + 50 cm steel cable Kg 50

  • 2123/CH11/LU


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Hexagon collection chandelier in polished gold  Brass with Murano Glass Balls worked"a ballotton". | Hexagon collection lampadario in ottone finito..

    ø 116 cm H 100 cm

  • 2124/LU


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Hexagon collection brass chandelier in polished gold  and Led 3000°K-6200 Lumen | Hexagon collection lampadario in ottone a Led 3000°K-6200 Lumen

    H tot. 100 cm H 4cm D 116 cm

  • 2127/CH24/NL


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Contemporary Chandelier  made in brass metal in polished nikel color. Complete with lampshades. (metal cup and steel cable 50 cm include) | Lampad..

    Ø 132 cm Pø14 cm - H 65 cm + 50 cm steel cable

  • 2128/A


    Wall Lamps | Bath Design

    Rectangular  collection wall sconce metal brass finishes polished and brunito with Ivory fabbric | Rectangular  collection applique in metallo otto..

    H 59 cm - L 22 cm

  • 2128/OVLU


    Chandeliers | Bath Design

    Chandelier in polished brass  alternating with old gold finishing with Ivory fabbric . | Lampadario a sezioni  finitura ottone lucido alternata a or..

    H 62 cm Ø 81cm 20kg

  • 2129/CH36/SG


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Chandelier in contemporary art deco' style made in brass metal in soft gold brass  color. With italian Crystal hand-cutted cups on pb24%. (metal cup..

    Ø 136 cm - H 107 cm

  • 2130/CH24/NL


    Chandeliers | Contemporary

    Chandelier in contemporary art deco' style made in nikel finished. With italian hand-cutted Crystal cupson pb24%. (metal cup and steel cable 50 cm i..

    Ø 128 cm - H 65 cm