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  • 2434FL Floor Lamps Contemporary


    Floor Lamps | Contemporary

    The superb floor lamp features a base made of black Calacatta marble with white veining, adding a touch of elegance and refinement. At the center, t..

    L 60 cm x 30 cm x H 165 cm

  • 2421FL Floor Lamps Contemporary


    Floor Lamps | Contemporary

    A neoclassical-style brass floor lamp with a Carrara marble base and lampshade is a piece of furniture of great elegance. Its main body is crafted f..

    L 50x30 X H 158 cm

  • 2326 Floor Lamps Classic


    Floor Lamps | Classic

    Light up your home in style with our crystal floor lamp with a conical shade. The illuminating body diffuses warm and welcoming light, creating a ..

    H 185 P.D. 50

  • 2223 Floor Lamps Classic


    Floor Lamps | Classic

    Spectacular and giant floor lamp suitable for entrance or center room covered with perforated metal bowl with 24k gold bath and blown Murano glass w..

    D. 136 x H 165 cm

  • 2427FL Floor Lamps Classic


    Floor Lamps | Classic

    Floor lamp Murano  in deep blue with transparent gold decorations is an extraordinary work of art. Hand-blown glass takes intricate and detailed for..

    D. 75 cm x H 202 cm

  • 2458 Floor Lamps Contemporary


    Floor Lamps | Contemporary

    Floor lamp with marble base and conical lampshade with multicolor pattern, perfect illuminating object to convey vibrancy and joy to any environment..

    Ø30 cm H 175 cm

  • 2450 Floor Lamps Contemporary


    Floor Lamps | Contemporary

    Floor lamp in amber florentine crystal and wonderful base in brass with finish in soft gold, lighting item that creates a warm and welcoming light. ..

    D. 50 cm H 187 cm

  • 2189/FL/TR Floor Lamps Contemporary


    Floor Lamps | Contemporary

    Floor lamp  in matt clear Italian crystal and fabric lampshade. Lighting item that diffuses the light with great effect in the surrounding environe..

    ø 50 cm H 180 cm

  • 1746/FL Floor Lamps Classic


    Floor Lamps | Classic

    Italian Crystal Floor lamp with lampshade. Lighting item that diffuses the light with great effect in the surrounding environement creating a warm ..

    H 180 cm Pø 50