Chandeliers | Contemporary

SizeD 116 cm x H 4 cm; h Totale 100 cm Kg 10
Metalavailable only brusched or painted
BulbsStrip led 19,2w/m 24v 3000°K 104W 8450 lumen

Hexagon collection lampadario in ottone finitura Nikel a Led. Corpo illuminante che diffonde con grande effetto la luce nell’ambiente circostante creando un’atmosfera calda ed accogliente. Disponibile solo in SGB oro pallido spazzolato o NLB nikel spazzolato  o Verniciato 

Hexagon collection brass chandelier in Nikel finishing and led strips. Lighting item that diffuses the light with great effect in the surrounding environement creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Available only SGB soft gold brushed or NB nikel brushed or Paint.

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